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Economics That Really Matters is a blog run by a rotating group of graduate students and early career researchers from several institutions. Our aim is to contribute to the discourse of development economics, encourage debate relevant to poverty reduction and agricultural development, and share thoughts from our research experiences. To learn more about our name and motivation, see this post.

This is a community blog that best serves its purpose when able to host a variety of voices. Therefore, we welcome your contribution. If you are interested in submitting a blog post, we refer you to our style guidelines for inspiration and rules. All posts go through a review process involving two members of our editorial team. If you have ideas, comments, questions, or a draft post for review, please contact us at econthatmatters@cornell.edu.


Spring 2016-Fall 2017: Linden McBride
Spring 2015-Fall 2015: Megan Sheahan

Editorial Team:

Fall 2017: Mohamad AlloushDavid JaumeErwin KnippenbergSunsiree Kosindesha, Esteban QuiñonesJoanna Upton, Ed Whitney
Spring 2017: Mohamad AlloushDavid JaumeErwin KnippenbergSunsiree Kosindesha, Esteban QuiñonesJoanna Upton, Ed Whitney
Fall 2016: Mohamad AlloushLeah BevisDavid JaumeErwin KnippenbergSunsiree Kosindesha, Esteban QuiñonesJoanna Upton, Ed Whitney
Summer 2016:  Leah BevisDavid Jaume, Sunsiree Kosindesha, Andrew SimonsJoanna Upton
Spring 2016:  Leah Bevis, David Jaume, Sunsiree Kosindesha, Megan Sheahan, Andrew Simons, Joanna Upton
Fall 2015: Andrew Simons, Leah Bevis, Linden McBride
Summer 2015: Andrew Simons, Julia Berazneva, Leah Bevis, Linden McBride
Spring 2015: Julia Berazneva, Jennifer Cisse, Linden McBride

Social Media Team:

Fall 2017: Liza von Grafenstein
Spring 2017: Liza von Grafenstein
Fall 2016:Jennifer Cisse, Jeong Hyun Lee
Summer 2016:Jennifer Cisse, Jeong Hyun Lee
Spring 2016: Jennifer Cisse, Karna Malaviya
Fall 2015: Jennifer Cisse, Kibrom Tafere
Summer 2015: Jennifer Cisse, Kibrom Tafere
Spring 2015: Jennifer Cisse

Strategic Outreach and Communications Intern:

Summer 2016-Spring 2017: Jeong Hyun Lee
Spring 2016: Karna Malaviya

Founding Members: 

Julia BeraznevaJennifer CisseLinden McBride, Megan Sheahan




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