2 Responses to Toward a better understanding of food insecurity—and what to do about it | NEUDC 2018

  1. Bill Kinsey says:

    At last! An approach to food security issues that does not suffer from an overabundance of rosiness! It has long been clear that economists need to get outside narrow professional niches if they are to contribute to a valid consensus on addressing nutritional security, and you cite some papers that move in this direction. Nevertheless, as a discipline, economics still has a long way to go. We individually produce bricks but collectively we have yet to build a structure. Only one session at NEUDC? Shame!

    • Joanna Upton says:

      Thank you for your comment! My research on different aspects of food security has convinced me that, while there have been many steps forward, the problems that remain are the most intransigent; so I too am frustrated when progress is over-stated.

      I do feel that papers addressing these problems were well-represented at NEUDC (in spite of there being only one session); but perhaps the diversity of themes that they fell under speaks to the “bricks-but-no-structure” problem that you mention. I agree also that we are a long way from the next real step, of understanding how policies need to be combined and layered so as to systematically and sustainably get at the heart of these issues.

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