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  1. Seblewongel Deneke says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for posting this. it is an interesting read and will be happy to read more if you can share resources around technology and women. i agree with most of what you have concluded- we should go for family targeting, acknowledge there are different types (married, female heads, polygamous etc) of women as well.

    I am currently looking at what technologies work for women and if there are at all technologies aimed at increasing women’s efficiency, lightening the workload related to their specific designated tasks on on farm production. The idea here is where is the technology that needs to be adopted, if at all it is there how is it developed who was consulted on it prior to development, even if female farmers new about it would they want to adopt it? a good example for me, though i still need to find out for sure is that , women farmers do a lot of weeding , where is the technology or tool that helps alleviate the burden of weeding? would women have wanted such technologies, would they have bought it without consulting their husbands, would husbands want to invest in it? so for me yes it is important to have a family approach to introducing and training on technologies but the question is what technologies to alleviate what aspect of the work, and who does that particular work? are the questions that I think need to be addressed before we think of adoption.

    kind regards

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