2 Responses to Who’s at risk? Biophysical and market forces shape crop nutrient content

  1. Excellent paper. Did you look at the difference in the variety of crops planted for small farm holders versus market oriented farms?

    • Admin says:

      Thank you! I REALLY wanted to look at this, but could not — neither my smaller dataset nor the LSMS-ISA dataset has use-able data on crop varieties. It’s highly unfortunate. However, I strongly suspect that varieties do, indeed, play into the household-market gap observed. It would make sense if larger, richer farmers, who grow primarily to sell to market, grow higher-yielding and/or hybrid crops, which are often lower in nutrient value. I can’t model it, but I suspect that if I could I would model even a larger gap between farm-grown and market-bound crops. If you know of any particularly relevant papers on this, please let me know! (leb99@cornell.edu) Thanks!

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