1 Response to How can the world feed 9 billion people?

  1. opuah Abeikwen says:

    There is however no one who has really had a clear-cut answer on this topic, how do we feed 9billion people? those criticizing GE products have never asked this question, they don’t forecast, they are not concerned, it is however our duty as scientist to solve problems of this nature in the society thus we r concerned. my position here is this, we know we are championing a good course devoid of our own interest nor that of the multinationals, but for the interest of the society, we also know everything we do are guarded by empirical proofs, lets keep the faith, I’m optimistic that soon this technology will be soughted for by every one when they come to knowledge of its potentials, it’s products will thrive in a short while, for this to be possible we need to reinforce adequate publicity, not just publicity but the public needs orientation and education on our products and programmes using every possible means, because the public have a very wrong perception about biotechnology. All G.E needs now is publicity in such a way to convince the public, policy makers e.t.c. The scientific community should therefore give keen consideration to genetics literacy project. knowing fully the potentials of G.E, with it we will feed the world.. #with G.E no barriers.

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