One Response to From the top to the bottom of India’s MGNREGA in one week

  1. Akshay Kashyap says:

    Hi Megan, We met at the IGIDR conference last year. I was working in a district in Jharkhand in 2013 to support a district government on Rural Development schemes, mgnregs was at the core of them back then. One day, a mukhiya came to me in a feild visit and asked me that I should help him ‘open’ some MGNREGA schemes this year. I in my policy euphoria told him how this is rights based scheme and he can get government to start a worksite if there is demand. There was a senior district official sitting next to me who pitched in and said, all acts aside, it will be done if District wants. MGNREGA to me is most important as in some parts, it has been able to utilize the demand led right based character and mobilize workers around it, giving them a sense of respect. One block where an NGO was working to support workers in demanding and getting work is and example. I am glad on this effort by you, sudha and others to connect the research with ground experience.

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